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  • Released: Jan 19th, '12
  • Version: 1.2

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

HSC Legal Studies - The Crime App
This is the ENTIRE ‘Crime’ topic from the HSC Legal Studies course to KEEP on your iPhone or iPad!

Why spend $40 for a single hour of tutoring when you can have the whole topic in your pocket?

There are no extras to buy – this is EVERYTHING you need. Almost 8 HOURS of VIDEOS are included in the app (not just links to external clips).

Each dot-point from the Crime topic is covered individually as its own VIDEO LECTURE. This means that I VISUALLY and VERBALLY EXPLAIN each point STEP-BY-STEP, and you ALSO have the NOTES that you need to study for the exams. I also show you (under 'Learn More') how to integrate the 'Themes and Challenges' into your exam answers.

Unlike being in class, this app lets you PAUSE whenever you want to make notes. You can even RE-WATCH any part that you didn’t quite understand without having to stop the lesson.

This isn’t just some cheap pdf version of a regular textbook.

There’s also NO USELESS STUFF here.

The app covers all the basics for each heading, but ALSO has the LAWS, CASES, MEDIA REPORTS and STATISTICS that have ALREADY been proven to be BAND 6 material with the Legal Studies classes I’ve taught for almost a decade.

There are no ‘activities’ where you need to do research for yourself – everything is already DONE FOR YOU.

There is also a section with DIRECT LINKS to WEBSITES (e.g. LIAC, The Law Report) so that you will ALWAYS be able to quickly access the most UP-TO-DATE resources (without having to type in some website you found in a textbook).

If you’re a TEACHER, especially if you’re new to the course, this will give you everything you need to teach the entire topic. I designed every part to make sure that any teacher could take these materials and teach any class.

First or second year UNI STUDENTS can also spend one or two nights with this app and walk into your CRIMINAL LAW unit with the same confidence that my students have had after two years in my class.

TOPICS (each has every subheading covered):
1. The Nature of Crime
2. The Criminal Investigation Process
3. The Criminal Trial Process
4. Sentencing and Punishment
5. Young Offenders
6. International Crime

DISCLAIMER: This app does NOT provide LEGAL ADVICE. It provides materials to try to help students improve their marks, not to stop you from going to jail. Get a lawyer if you want legal advice about any of the issues covered by the app. It also won't GUARANTEE you good marks in the HSC Exam.


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