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  • Released: May 5th, '13
  • Version: 1.1

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Pocket Kalimba
Pocket Kalimba – The Interactive Thumb Piano!

• Hugh Tracey style Kalimba : Recorded from a real Kalimba using THX Microphone Technology
• Features an Interactive “Thumb Piano,” All Major Scales have the Fundamental Tone in the Center of Fingerboard
• TRANSPOSABLE Keys: Option to Transpose the Piano’s Major & Pentatonic Scales in all 12 Keys!
• Major Pentatonic Scales feature a unique tuning of the Kalimba, avoiding fourths where possible -- an especially enjoyable for creating soothing melodies for music therapy or lullabies for children. Pentatonic scales do not feature any major seconds so they are easy on the ears and easy for children to play and enjoyable for babies
* Update Feature: A Chordal Page of Progressively Jazzy Chords in the Key of G, Clockwise Progressions Recommended

What is a Kalimba?

The Kalimba, known as the “Thumb Piano” in the West, is a lamellaphone of Eastern Central and South West Africa. The Kalimba is made from a wooden sound box or wooden plank, covered with a flat wooden or metal top, with a number of playable tongue keys. The keys are plucked with the thumbs, or with combinations of thumbs and fingers.

Recorded from an authentic Kalimba -- Using THX Microphone Technology. Headphones Recommended!

All 12 Keys for Major Scales!

All 12 Keys for Major Pentatonic Scales!

PLAYING INTERFACE: The Pianos Feature the tuning style of the Fundamental Tone always being in the center

Enjoy Creating Music with Pocket Kalimba !

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