Prototyping an App Concept:

If you have a Great Idea for an App Concept, Use AppDesigner to make it a reality.

1. Download the AppDesigner Software

If you have a Great Idea for an App Concept, Use AppDesigner to make it a reality.

2. Make an App Concept

Use the AppDesigner Software to create an interactive iOS App much the same way you'd make a DVD-Video with DVD Studio Pro. Drag & drop images, video, and audio files to prototype an App Concept.

3. MetaData Review

Once you've finished your App Concept, use the MetaData Review System built into the AppDesigner Software to upload your App Description & Screenshots to Our Business Development team will review your App Concept and provide an Upload Code to build the finished App.

4. Upload The App Concept to

When you receive your Upload Code, upload your App Concept to's servers. Our technicians will hand-build a Native iOS App for release in the iOS App Store.

The Review Process:

All App Concepts Submitted to will undergo the following review process:

1. Business Development: The App Description and Screenshots you provide will be reviewed by our Business Development Department. Your App will be judged by it's design, usability, and potential to contribute to the AppDesigner Catalogue.

If your App passes the Business Development Review, it moves to the Technical Review.

2. App Technical Review: The App will be built by an Technician & reviewed for technical functionality & adherence to the basic fundamentals of interface design. For example, missing button states, unset jump actions, and other mistakes in wiring the App together will result in the App being rejected.

If your App Passes the Technical Review, it moves to the Publisher Review.

3. Publisher Review: Senior Management reviews the App. Apps will be judged upon their novelty, design excellence, usability, and contribution to the catalogue.

If your App passes the Publisher Review, it will be accepted for Publication by

Note: Once Accepted for publication by, the App still needs to go through the Apple Review Process. There's no guarantee that Apple will accept Apps we submit to the iOS App Store.

Revenue Sharing:

Great Apps make money … make a great App, and you'll be well paid!

AppDesigner.con ONLY publishes "For Sale" Apps - consequently, if we publish your App Concept, you're going to make some cash.

All App Revenue is split with you 50/50.

That means you keep 50% of the gross revenue collect by us, from the sale of the App! absorbs all fees, taxes, software development & maintenance costs, and the other expenses associated with compiling and selling the App, while you get to keep your cash and concentrate on making more great App Concepts.

Make An App - Make Some Cash -

We publish Apps in the following areas:


Alive in Tatlow Manor

In this graphic novel meets audio book, Alive in Tatlow Manor puts you in the center of the action.
More Info.

Instructional Videos 

XNtrick - Flips & Spins

A set of technical how-tos for the advanced skateboarder.
More Info.

Musical Instruments

AudioBase Sample Player

Mix loops & use this App's built-in drum machines to jam along to the beat!
More Info.


Blood Sugar

Rennie Foster, creator of the global underground anthem,"Devil's Water" presents "Blood Sugar".
More Info.

DJ Mixes

Set Your Mix & Let It Ride

Listen as Martin S ( shows you how to build a deep dancefloor mix.
More Info.

Interactive Videos

Trisco Talent

Welcome to the official app of Trisko Talent Management Incorporated.
More Info.

Kids Sound Board

Cat & Dog Pet Opera

The Ultimate app for anyone who loves adorable animals!
More Info.


After Effects Cartoon Animation

Learn how to animate photos and create basic characters.
More Info.

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