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What Is Inc? Inc. is a Publisher of High-Quality Media Display Apps. We make a software application called AppDesigner, and maintain a Powerful CMS that publishes Media Apps to the Apple iOS App Store.

What Is The AppDesigner Software?

The AppDesigner Software is a Content Management System (CMS) that prepares content for publication using the Publication System. It is free to download and use the AppDesigner Software.

You can use the AppDesigner Software to create interactive iOS Apps including audio albums, sample players & instruments, interactive video players, photo galleries, and web pages. To get a good idea of what AppDesigner can do, download one of these free Apps!

Using the AppDesigner Software

AppDesigner is software in development. As such does not guarantee its functionality, stability, or anything else about it. The software is safe and tested. That not withstanding, you assume all liability for anything that happens to your computer while using this software.

Your Relationship To authorizes you to use the AppDesigner Software to create Apps on behalf of Inc. By using the software and uploading an App Concept to's servers, you become a contractor working on deferral to design Apps for publication by Inc. If your App is accepted for publication by, you will be remunerated by a royalty on App sales.

You are Not an Employee or Client of, and at no point in time will your relationship to Inc. be considered that of an Employee or Client.

You are a contractor working on deferral for a royalty payment on App Sales.

App Copyright & Ownership

By using the software & uploading an App Concept to our servers, you agree to assign copyright, and all other material rights to the finished App, to for the full term of the App's publication by Inc. However, only reserves rights to the App copyright itself - the copyright for the content in the App always remains with you. You can use your content anywhere you like. will not repurpose your content in any way whatsoever, except for use in your App Concept.

The App Belongs to for as long as it remains published by Inc. reserves the right to make cross-platform versions of the finished App. This may include (but is not limited to) versions for Mac OS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry OS.

For details on delisting Apps, see Reversion of Rights below.

Your App Concept

You can download the AppDesigner Software for free, and develop your App Concept. Once your App Concept is finished, you can also upload it for free to's servers for Adjudication by our App Review Team.

To see how the App Concept will be reviewed by, see App Adjudication below.

Note: , like the Apple iOS App Store, ONLY accepts Apps of the highest quality. We won't accept an App we know Apple will reject, so put effort into your Apps and make something you can be proud of! Download some AppDesigner Apps and see how they work. Try to raise the bar and make an App even better than the ones you've downloaded.

Royalty Payments

Should accept and publish the App, AppDesigner will pay you a royalty of 50% of's total gross receipts for the App's Sales. will provide you with detailed Daily App Download Stats and Monthly Payment Information, as it is provided to by Apple. You can login to your user account at any time to view this information.

Note:'s Gross Receipts are calculated AFTER Apple takes their 30% cut of App Sales. This is the Gross Amount of Money received by from Apple. For example, if the App sells for $0.99,'s Gross Receipts from each App Sale is $0.70 and pays you a royalty of 50% of that amount - Or $0.35 per App sold.

App Publishing Term

If adjudicates your App Concept and determines it is an App Of High Quality that has a place in our catalogue, we will advise you through email and then publish the App to the iOS App Store using our Apple Developer Account. The App will remain Published until it is delisted, as described in the App Delisting section below.

App Delisting

The App May be delisted from the Apple App Store by for any of the following reasons:

Note: Apple may delist your App at anytime, according to their own policies and guidelines.

Reversion of Rights

After a period of 1 year directly following the publication of your App in the iOS App Store, you may request through's support system that the App be delisted from the publication system. will remove the App from sale in the iOS App Store and revert copyright to you. Full Rights revert to all Intellectual property you put into the App Design revert to you, and you may do whatever you like with the content/concept/etc..

You're free to do what you like with the content and concept, but will not provide you with the delisted App Binary itself. The App Binary, and it's encompassing technology, remain the property of Inc. as noted below.

In Addition to the reversion of rights, you may request an App Buyout as detailed below, though, at it's sole discretion, may refuse the App Buyout request. Inc's Rights

Rights to the underlying technology used to create the App, including all software, systems, App programming, AppDesigner software, AppDesigner website, App Binary, and all other systems and methodologies inherent to the interactivity and functionality of the App, remain the property of Inc. You will not reverse engineer, its software, or processes.

App Adjudication

All App Concepts Submitted to will undergo the following review process:

1. Business Development: The App Description and Screenshots you provide will be reviewed by our Business Development Department. Your App will be judged by it's design, usability, and potential to contribute to the AppDesigner Catalogue.

If your App passes the Business Development Review, it moves to the Technical Review.

2. App Technical Review: The App will be built by an Technician & reviewed for technical functionality & adherence to the basic fundamentals of interface design. For example, missing button states, unset jump actions, and other mistakes in wiring the App together will result in the App being rejected.

If your App Passes the Technical Review, it moves to the Publisher Review

3. Publisher Review: Senior Management reviews the App. Apps will be judged upon their novelty, design excellence, usability, and contribution to the catalogue.

If your App passes the Publisher Review, it will be accepted for Publication by

If Your App Concept Is Rejected

If your App Concept is rejected by either Apple or

The best thing to do is improve the App Concept. Use the tools available in the AppDesigner Software to make an App of exceptional quality! Trust our guidance and experience in this area. If you make a great App, you will make great residual royalty income you can count on month after month. We WANT you to make money, because when you make money, we do too! We'll do our best to guide you towards this end ...

However, if your App Concept is rejected for publication by AppDesigner and you do not wish to improve it's design or other functions to meet our standards, you may also request an AppBuyout as detailed below.

App Buyout Requests

App Buyouts Are Currently Set at $499. This price may change at any time, without warning or notification.

You may request to Buyout the App ONLY after your App Concept is rejected or delisted by To buyout an App Concept, you will need to create your own Apple Developer Account, and publish your own App in the iOS App Store. will insert your developer keys into the App. You must supply your developer keys to for this to occur. Because we hand-build all Apps, it can take up to 30 days for your App to be built after a Buyout Request is accepted. reserves the right to refuse any App Buyout request, for any reason whatsoever.

If you buyout the App and Apple rejects the App for inclusion in the iOS App Store, will not be held liable in any way, for anything whatsoever. Remember - it is your choice to buyout the App. You will be given the App as-is, as you submitted it, with no further testing nor modification by Inc.

The Terms Of Service Agreement may change this Agreement at any time with notice to you via the email addresses provided in your user account. If you do not agree to the new terms of service, Inc, at our sole discretion, may delist the App from publication through our CMS.

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